Mama’s Night In Round-Up: Finding Space for You

On the latest Mama’s Night In call we were joined by the lovely Kelly Mitchell from The Replenished Mama. Kelly is a Mama to two boys (5 and 3 ½ – phew!), a wellness coach, NLP practitioner and independent Arbonne consultant. Kelly has a passion for helping Mama’s go from burnout to blossoming and she shared her story with us and some top tips for looking after ourselves during the lockdown and beyond. Here’s a few that really stuck with me;

Listen to how you speak to yourself – are you being kind? Would you speak that way to your best friend? Your child? Probably not! Quite often our internal monologue is full of negative thoughts where we beat ourselves us. It’s not helpful and has a huge impact on our mood – you’ve got to change this up, be kind to yourself, learn to like yourself and support yourself.

Find a rhythm or routine through your day  – try and do some simple things each day to make life easier overall. Put a load of washing on each morning, put the dishwasher on at night, clear away after meals – simple, small, (relatively) quick jobs can help you to stay on top of things and stop that creeping feeling of overwhelm.

Don’t get hung-up on ‘balance’ – it might not happen day-to-day, so think about it across a week or a month. You can’t do everything you like to do (and the things you don’t) all in one day in the way that you might like. So stop, it’s ok – you can do anything, but not everything all at once. Cutting back on social media can help with this, it helps you to stop comparing to other people’s highlights.

Eat well to feel well – ever heard that phrase ‘You can’t expect to feel a million bucks if you eat off the dollar menu’. I’ll admit, being in lockdown has me reaching for the chocolate and biscuits and aimlessly standing in front of the fridge – part boredom (?), mostly comfort. But, it’s not doing me any favours – research shows that eating well boosts our happy hormones and our mood.

Connect – I am a firm believer of this and it’s one of the reasons I set up ‘Mama’s Night In’, we all need to connect and have social interaction – it’s human nature, even if you’re an introvert. Right now, this is hard to do – but not impossible. Each day reach out to someone, call a pal, facetime your family.

What I loved about chatting with Kelly and other Mama’s that night was that none of us are alone in how we’re feeling – there was agreement that we’re all facing the similar thoughts, feelings and challenges whether a mama-to-be, a first time mama or mama to 5! It’s so reassuring to know you’re not alone and that there are small things you can do daily to take care of yourself and your mental health. I’ll leave you with a quote I shared on my social media channels recently ‘Taking care of myself doesn’t mean ‘Me first.’ It means ‘Me too.’ – L.R.Knost.

‘Mama’s Night In’ is  a series of free online events for Mamas and Mamas-to-be. They’re an opportunity to take an hour for yourself and chat with other like-minded and friendly Mamas about Mama-life. We share tips, advice, ask questions and vent about any worries or anxieties and we’re generally joined by an interesting guest who share their thoughts on a variety of topics. To find out about the next Mama’s Night In – follow me on social media – links below.

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