The Sceptical Birth Partner

Birth partners, and often men, are generally the biggest sceptics at the beginning of our hypnobirthing classes. It wasn’t that long ago that Dads weren’t even allowed in the birthing room, and our societally-learned view doesn’t make it easy for them – particularly when they’re frequently depicted as being useless at worst, and gently ridiculed for ‘being in the way’ at best. And, if we’re completely honest it’s hard for birth partners to feel involved during pregnancy – all the changes in body and emotion are happening to you – for them, it can be a little abstract.

So, logging into a zoom chat full of strangers to talk about birth is probably a little un-nerving. Often though, by the end of a course sceptical partners are the biggest advocates of hypnobirthing. Why? Because, the courses are logical, evidence-based, common-sense and practical. Birth partners who have attended hypnobirthing courses are prepared for birth, they know how to support Mama, and they have a clearly defined role during both your pregnancy and birth.

Ok, so how do we get them to come to class

Chat about what’s in it for them

On the Mama’s tlc hypnobirthing courses we cover a lot – and it’s all either based in research or completely logical. Birth partners will feel informed about birth physiology, stages of labour, positions for birth, pain relief, vaginal births, caesareans, VBACs places to give birth, inductions (natural and medical), how wonderful midwives and obstetricians are and much more. All this information alongside the hypnotherapy-based tools will help to relieve anxieties around birth. So, by the end of the course partners will feel confident in communicating with medical staff, and have the knowledge and techniques to help Mama stay calm and relaxed and work with her to have their baby.

Encourage the scepticism

Oh how I wish we were as sceptical and cynical about all our healthcare as we are about hypnobirthing. Scepticism is such a sensible approach to something you know nothing about! So, encourage it, encourage your partner to ask questions, look around the website, do some research. It makes sense – you need to know that this is right for you.

Talk to your midwife, or healthcare professional

I did my hypnobirthing training alongside two midwives. In fact many midwives are now trained in hypnobirthing techniques and are also advocates for the courses. Plus, the teacher training that I have done (KG Hypnobirthing) is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. Why don’t you have a chat with yours – what do they think?

Attend a taster session

Give it a go, it’ll take an hour of your time. You’ll get the chance to meet your hypnobirthing teacher, ask questions, get a feel for what the classes might be like. What have you got to lose? The next Mama’s tlc taster session is on the 4th May, 8pm – book here

Find some testimonials from other partners

There’s nothing like hearing about someone else’s positive experience – you can find out how it worked for them and what the benefits were. Google ‘positive hypnobirthing stories’ and you’ll find a plethora and they won’t all be natural-water-homebirths either. Hypnobirthing has gained popularity in recent years and there are even celebrity Dad’s who talk about it – Tom Fletcher and Russell Brand are just two.

Finally, ask for their support

If this is something you want to try and you’d like their support in this, then ask them to at the very least give it a try. Your birth partner provides continuity of care for you during your pregnancy and birth, so if you’re going to be a hypnobirthing Mama – then ask them to come along to the first class they might just be surprised. After all, you both want the same thing – a positive birth experience for your child.

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